Think BIG

act small
be unique
"Design makes technology usable."
~ @sailorhg

01. Introduction

I currently live at the intersection of marketing and design.

I offer a user-centered, digital first, design thinking attitude coupled with an emphasis on creating a positive user experience.

12 Years Experience
in Creative Marketing
140+ Miles Hiked
of the AT
100% Dedicated to
Continuous Learning

03. Selected Projects

Project 01. Branding & Package
Project 02. Website
Project 03. Digital Marketing Audit
Project 04. Journey Map
Project 05. Branding
Project 06. Internal Communications

02. Methodology

03. What people say about me

02. I Can Provide

Web Design
Email Marketing
Digital Marketing
Graphic Design
Presentation Design

04. Let's Connect

While I am not currently accepting new work, I'm always excited to hear about new ideas and collaborations.

Feel free and drop me an email: